Photo Credit: The NY Alliance

Once you have decided the areas you want help in and chosen the people to be your supporters, you will want to talk with them about what you expect and how you expect them to support you.

Example: You have trouble understanding healthcare issues and don’t always get what the doctor is saying. You may choose your friend to be your supporter, to come with you to doctors’ appointments, and to explain, in simple language the choices that you have. Then you can make your own decision, and if you have trouble speaking, or speaking clearly, your supporter can communicate your decision to the doctor. But remember, it is YOUR decision!

A trained facilitator can assist you in identifying areas where you want support, and helping you choose your support or supporters. When you and your supporters have come to an agreement about how the support will work, the facilitator will write it up into a contract, which we call the SDMA, that you all will sign.

You always have the right to change what is in the contract or who your supporters are.