Photo Credit: The NY Alliance

Some decisions are easy to make, and some decisions are hard, but you have the right to make your own decisions.
For the decisions that are harder or more complicated, or have more risk, you may want someone who knows you and who you trust to help you make those decisions.
Supported decision-making (SDM) is a way for you to choose:

  • which kinds of decisions– like healthcare or money– you want support with;
  • who you trust to be your supporters;
  • what kinds of support you want from them; and
  • how you want to receive that support.

SDM also means that the people you choose as supporters agree to support you to make your own decisions, and not to make those decisions for you.
Guardians make decisions for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. SDM is a way to avoid having a guardian and keeping all your rights.

See a selection of videos about supported decision-making that features actors from the Outside Voices Theater Company at: