Photo Credit: The NY Alliance

Legislatively, two states, Texas and Delaware have passed Supported Decision-Making statutes that require third parties to honor SDMAs and relieve them from liability for doing so. Four additional state legislatures are actively considering similar legislation.

District of Columbia Public Schools has adopted a policy requiring its schools to accept SDMAs in connection with all services offered to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities..

The Uniform Law Commissioners have approved a revision of the Uniform Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Act (UGPPA) that specifically mentions supported decision-making as a less restrictive alternative that must be considered before guardianship can be imposed, and that should be considered as grounds for terminating a provide for termination in existence. Note that the UGPPA, while adopted by many states, is not the law in New York.
The American Bar Association has passed a resolution urging legislatures to amend their guardianship laws to provide that supported decision-making should be considered as a less restrictive alternative before guardianship may be imposed, and that it should provide grounds for the restoration of rights of persons currently subject to guardianship.