“South Australia Health Policy & Commissioning Division, SDM Factsheet Supporting a person to make a decision (2014)”

Factsheet list made by the South Australia government on supporting a person to make their own decisions describing the acknowledging of a person’s capacity and listing considerations that should be taken into account to support and communicate with a person to allow autonomy (their own decisions; want, need, and wishes). Keywords: South Australia, Australia, capacity, autonomy,…

Got Transition, Guardianship and Alternatives for Decision-Making Support (2012)

This 2-page factsheet explains the implications of child with intellectual disabilities turning 18. It briefly introduces supported decision-making as an alternative to guardianship and crucially warns, “Some families pursue guardianship because they believe or have been told that it’s the only legal answer to concerns they may have about their young adult’s ability to handle…

Disability Rights Texas, SDMAs (2016)

This 2-page factsheet describes how in 2015, during its 84th session, the Texas legislature passed the first statute in the United States to recognize supported decision-making agreements, as well as how persons with I/DD may use these agreements as an alternative to guardianship.

Keywords: agreements, Texas, factsheet, statute.