HSRI, SDM Pilot A Collaborative Approach Pilot Evaluation Year 1 Report (2015)

The Human Services Research Institute’s interim report contains an independent evaluation of the first year of the Center for Public Representation (CPR) and Nonotuck Resource Associates, Inc.’s ongoing project in Northampton, Massachusetts. The project reached 8 decision-makers (DMs) and paired them with facilitators who had existing relationships with them that ranged from 3 to 30…


Cmty Matters Pty Ltd, HCSCC SDM Program 2014-15 Evaluation Report (2015)

This report evaluates the South Australian Health Services Complaints Commission’s (HSCC) SDM program from 2014 to 2015, which reached 8 decision-makers (DMs). Facilitators and supporters reported that as a result of their participation 6 of the 8 DMs experienced improved outcomes in well-being (greater confidence, better mood) and behavior (greater willingness to try new things,…


Govt of Victoria, Supporting decision making- A guide to supporting people with a disability to make their own decisions (2012)

This manual is for facilitators, it is based on Victorian Government’s responsibility in response to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities (UNCRPD) to ensure that people with disabilities are supported and empowered. The manual gives facilitators an overview of the laws, main ideas, and framework for supported decision making. It…


FL DDC, Lighting the Way to Guardianship & Other Decision-Making Alternatives- A Manual for Individuals and Families (2010)

This detailed guide for persons with I/DD and their families provides an in-depth analysis of the civil rights affected by guardianship orders, the myriad alternatives to guardianship available under Florida law, and the powers and responsibilities of guardians, including taking steps towards rights restoration. This one-stop resource on guardianship and alternatives to it also includes…



This 2-page informational sheet from the British Columbia non-profit charitable organization Nidus briefly explains how the Representation Agreement with Section 9 Broader Powers functions as the legal document for making heath care and  personal care decisions. Examples of what is covered in a Section 9 Agreement and examples of individuals who use these types of…


Disability Rights Texas, SDMAs (2016)

This 2-page factsheet describes how in 2015, during its 84th session, the Texas legislature passed the first statute in the United States to recognize supported decision-making agreements, as well as how persons with I/DD may use these agreements as an alternative to guardianship.

Keywords: agreements, Texas, factsheet, statute.