Arc Tennessee et al, SDM Creating a Choice Continuum (2017)

This 12-page publication provides an image-filled and engaging introduction to how supported decision-making works generally (e.g., “The supporter is like a ‘resource librarian,’ gathering and interpreting information, but with no power over the person being assisted”), describes how national figures like Jenny Hatch as well as many Tennesseans use supported decision-making, and makes the case…

Tresi Weeks, SDM What the New Law Could Mean for Your Clients (2016)

This 12-page overview of the supported decision-making agreements recognized under Texas law helpfully describes the scope of these agreements and the parties’ responsibilities, in addition to describing briefly how supported decision-making aligns with legal and social developments both nationally and internationally.

Keywords: Texas, United States, SDM agreements, legislation, law, legal.

Disability Rights Texas, SDM Agreements (2016)

This 2-page factsheet describes how in 2015, during its 84th session, the Texas legislature passed the first statute in the United States to recognize supported decision-making agreements, as well as how persons with I/DD may use these agreements as an alternative to guardianship.

Keywords: Texas, United States, SDM agreements, legislation

“South Australia Health Policy & Commissioning Division, SDM Factsheet Supporting a person to make a decision (2014)”

Factsheet list made by the South Australia government on supporting a person to make their own decisions describing the acknowledging of a person’s capacity and listing considerations that should be taken into account to support and communicate with a person to allow autonomy (their own decisions; want, need, and wishes). Keywords: South Australia, Australia, capacity, autonomy,…